Crèche Nascht Pétange

The Dippach crèche opened on November 2, 2018. It welcomes your children from 2 months to 4 years old. Divided into various groups, your children evolve their rhythm while having fun.

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20, route de Luxembourg


(+352) 28 68 58 - 270

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Located near the French and Belgian border, our nursery has an ideal location! We welcome you in a warm, secure space, suitable for toddlers.

We are pleased to welcome you to our structure, located at the foot of the building, in the heart of Pétange. The large surface area of our crèche has allowed the development of vast bright rooms in order to perfectly meet the needs of the little ones. Arranged on the same level, we can find four groups welcoming children divided according to their age.

The rooms occupied by the little ones are divided into several spaces where we can find a reading or cozy corner furnished with rugs and cushions, a wall mirror, wall games, a small cabin... The stays for the older children are they are equipped with a large cabin, a kitchenette, a reading/relaxation area with a library and a baby comforter.

Also, a beautiful fenced and furnished outdoor space (swing, spring games) is accessible at the back of the crèche to everyone's delight. On the strength of our experience, everything is done to supervise and stimulate the children and allow them to evolve in an environment that is most conducive to their good development.


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Julie - Executive Officer

Julie - Executive Officer

“Together this is my favorite place.” – Julie

The house, daddy's arms, mommy's arms; there is no more beautiful place than when you are together, that's true! However, Julie, Manager of the Pétange crèche, surrounded by her team of professionals, are committed to welcoming you to a secure and caring environment. May the crèche resonate within you, like a place of life where you pamper, let's get a thousand and one smiles, let's support and give the impetus for good development.

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