Various activities are planned throughout the day, through which the children learn to live in community with respect for others, to become independent and to acquire a sense of responsibility.

A program of the week's activities is displayed and thus informs parents of the course of the day. Each group offers a variety of activities suitable for children.



Play is essential for the proper development of the child, for the construction of individuality and personality. It maintains creativity, promotes imaginary reflection and contributes to personal well-being. Thanks to the game, the child learns, searches, tests and understands.



Our crèche plays an important role in nutritional education, as well as in the prevention of food problems. Balanced and varied meals are prepared by our Food For Kids caterer and are adapted to the age of the child, while respecting the diets and religious beliefs of each.



Nap time is very important for children, as the duration and quality of sleep have an impact on their behavior throughout the day. For this, we have fitted out rooms specially dedicated to these times of rest where the rhythm and sleeping habits of the child are respected.