Our educational project

The accompaniment of children in our structures is above all thought out according to the development of the child and his basic needs. Our main objective is to help him grow, according to his own pace.

Promote autonomy

Under the benevolent gaze of educators, children are led to make their own experiences.

By proposing activities adapted to their abilities, the educators give the child a feeling of well-being which promotes his confidence and self-esteem.

By becoming autonomous, the child also participates in the daily tasks of our structures, they appreciate being able to implement their skills and develop mutual aid and cooperation.

Respect the development and rhythm of each child

Each child is unique and deserves special attention. We take into account their individuality, based on their personality, skills, needs and parental expectations.

Our educational teams listen to the children, and take care to respect their desires and needs. We believe that every skill acquisition, such as sitting, standing and walking, should be done at the pace of the child. No child is put in a position that he does not master on his own.

To promote the development of each child, our educators play the role of benevolent companion, guiding the children without doing things for them. We encourage children to actively participate in fun activities that are suited to their current interests. We vary these activities in the non-formal setting, in order to arouse their desire to participate and stimulate their commitment.

Provide a warm and safe living environment

Our carefully thought-out layout provides your child with a safe environment to encourage independence and stimulate curiosity through personal experimentation in various sensory, motor, affective and cognitive domains.

Your child will learn to grab objects, go to the toilet, wash their hands and dress themselves, while actively participating in the daily chores of the structure.


Our rooms are creatively arranged to suit the needs and ages of the children, and our educational team takes great care to secure the space so that your child can fully develop, both individually and in a group. 

Promoting multilingualism

The awakening to languages is integrated in a playful way into all everyday situations, thus enhancing the mother tongue of the children within our structure, while allowing them to familiarize themselves with other languages.


Our educational teams use various means for this, such as multilingual displays, documents intended for parents in several languages, listening to songs and nursery rhymes in different languages, games and activities in the languages chosen by the child, multilingual songs and routines, reading stories and creating picture books. Beyond these methods, we support children on a daily basis while respecting their language choice to promote their interest and development.

Offer a healthy and varied diet

Our meals are prepared daily from fresh, seasonal ingredients, ensuring nutritional balance under the supervision of health professionals. In addition, once a week, we offer a themed meal inspired by different countries, events or organic products.


We consider the time of the meal as an opportunity to learn about taste and to promote exchanges between the children and our educational team. Children are encouraged to sample everything, but we also respect their appetites, any food allergies or dietary restrictions.


In addition to the main meal, healthy snacks are also served to children. For the little ones, we also offer the possibility for mothers to continue breastfeeding in our crèche.

Involve parents in the life of the structure

Families hold a central place in the development of the child, their participation in the life of our structures is essential for the well-being of the children.

From the first reception, our parents are received by our manager, who takes the time to explain the operation and the educational project of our structures. This is a special time for parents to express their expectations and visit our facilities.


We understand the importance of the familiarization period, which is an essential time between the parents, the child and our educational team. This period is progressive and adapted to the needs of each child, allowing a serene adaptation, familiarization with the environment and other children, and open communication with the parents to learn about their child's habits.

Every morning and evening, during reception, our team and the parents take the time to discuss the child's day, sharing important moments such as naps, meals, changes and activities. To facilitate this communication, we are setting up a small liaison book to collect all this information and ensure smooth communication.


We also love to celebrate happy times with families. This is why we organize parties within our structures to bring families together in a festive atmosphere. On the program: small shows, delicious snacks and varied entertainment so that everyone can enjoy these convivial moments.