Crèche Nascht Rumelange

The structure

The Nascht crèche in Rumelange opened on June 5, 2012. Our educational team ensures thatfulfillment and at well-being of your children from 2 months to 4 years old.


20, rue Doctor Flesch


(+352) 28 68 58 – 220

The commitment

Nativity scenes

The Nascht crèche in Rumelange is the first crèche of the Nascht group to have opened its doors. Our structure offers a framework conducive to the development and well-being of your children.

Our Rumelange crèche offers a safe and reassuring environment for your children while providing them, on a daily basis, with the testimony of the values shared by the Nascht Group. We work every day to provide your children with a place of life where development rhymes with well-being.

Divided into two groups, the structure has a welcoming entrance hall imbued with the different participations and testimonies of the life of your children at the crèche. Babies are installed on the ground floor while adults are established on 1er stage. We also have a nice fenced playground at the back of the building.

Varied and balanced meals are prepared by our “Food For Kids” caterer and delivered daily by cold link. The latter are developed in such a way as to respect the age, diets and religious beliefs of each person.



"The crèche offers the child a little nest where he feels safe, protected and loved...

We encourage it to fly away. – Amandine

Amandine and her team welcome you in a family atmosphere, a cozy little nest where the main concern is the well-being of your children. By coming to visit our structure, you will discover that security, benevolence and love will accompany your children on a daily basis.