Crèche Nascht Schengen

The Schengen crèche opened its doors on April 4, 2022. It welcomes your children from 2 months to 4 years old in a structure friendly or security rhymes with well-being.

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6 Schengerwiss


(+352) 28 68 58 - 370

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From 06:00 - 20:00


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With a privileged location near the French and German borders, our establishment offers an ideal location for families residing in the region. Our caring team will watch over your children with care, creating a space conducive to their growth and development.

We are delighted to welcome you to our crèche located within the Borders shopping center in Schengen, offering a spacious and bright environment, specially designed to meet the needs of your children.

On the ground floor you will find the children's changing rooms. Everyone has a locker to put their belongings in. The ground floor is dedicated to babies. Two communicating, bright and spacious rooms welcome your children in a soothing atmosphere in the colors of nature. They both have different spaces (soft corner, dining area, etc.)

Upstairs, we have three spacious and bright rooms. Each room is equipped with a dining area, an area for imitation games (merchant, hairdresser, etc.) as well as a large motor skills hut. Everything has been thought out and laid out so that each space meets the needs of your children. A psychomotricity room is also available for children. They can do relaxation, gym in a zen atmosphere.


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Farid - Executive Officer

Farid - Executive Officer

“Day after day, we accompany your children in their development, offering them an environment so that they can act freely and unleash their potential. " - Farid

Under the caring gaze of Farid and his teaching team, your children will be able to fully flourish in the Schengen crèche. You will be welcome to discover the living spaces, in which your children spend quality time every day.

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