Foyer de jour Nascht Tétange

The Tétange day center opened its doors on September 16, 2013. It welcomes 39 children aged 4 to 12 years.

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Near the French border, the Tétange day center is the first Nascht center to have opened its doors.

Throughout the year, Claire and Sabrina welcome you to the foyer. Family friendly, it is the ideal place where your children can discover and develop in complete safety.

Divided into three groups according to their age, the children benefit from rooms fitted out according to their needs.


A multidisciplinary team accompanies your children on a daily basis, whether during transport (school – home), during homework or during fun and educational activities. Autonomous and fulfilled, your children take flight while having fun!

Varied and balanced meals are prepared by our “Food For Kids” caterer and delivered daily by cold link. The latter are developed in such a way as to respect the age, diets and religious beliefs of each person.



Balanced meals


Various activities


Outdoor games




Help with homework


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Claire - Executive Director

Claire - Executive Director

“We are committed to ensuring that your children are actors in their own discoveries, according to their desires and respecting the rhythm of each one.” - Clear

By entrusting us with your child, you give us an essential role. We are therefore committed to offering him a warm, caring and family welcome.

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