The Kamishibai

Kamishibai is a Japanese storytelling technique, used in nursery to tell stories differently.
It allows the child to arouse his curiosity, to develop his imagination while sharing a privileged moment in a group.
True image theater, it has the power to capture children's attention and create a feeling of solidarity in their listening.


The majority of the books offer different levels of reading, making it possible to adapt to the degree of understanding of the children. They obtain an explanation directly of what they hear by looking at the boards which pass before their eyes. The format of the kamishibai presents also another advantage, greater than a classic children's album, it allows better visibility for group reading.
It is a real ally to awaken and stimulate language in our little ones.


The confinement does not only have disadvantages, it allowed one of our educators with nimble fingers to make magnificent Butaï (Kamishibaï support) that we have the pleasure of using on a daily basis in our nurseries.
Beautiful moments of escape and exchange in perspective!